Deeper Vibrations: Origin (DVO001)

Deeper Vibrations Origin
Title: Origin
Label: Deeper Vibrations
Release date: March 18th 2014
Price: £6.99
Cat No: DVO001
Format: Digital
Mastered by: Ten Eight Seven Mastering
Artwork by: Simanion
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"Origin features a talented crop of producers at their most soulful and in-fitting with the compilation’s theme, creating a tranquil mood across 16 compositions. The lush harmonics, beautifully constructed atmospheres and fluid rhythms embellish the deeply meditative, almost therapeutic bassline pressure each track is built around, and represents the richly enveloping qualities of dubstep at its most creative."

All tracks on the compilation were chosen from the 'VibeWar' with help from our followers. The VibeWar was a competition that took place between artists within the bass-music scene, who battled it out to create the most beautiful piece of music possible. With so many people enjoying the music created through the VibeWar, Deeper Vibrations saw potential to further the positive effects by creating a compilation, which in turn could help raise money for victims of real wars throughout the world.

The artists involved generously donated their music to the cause, coming together to produce an outstanding compilation, with a unique mix of inspiring music, with a strong emphasis on bass. The release features a range of artists from established producers, to new talent.

Deeper Vibrations wanted to help children who through no choice of their own have grown up in a world surrounded by war and conflict. All proceeds are going to War Child charity, who provide life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. The money will fund their programmes in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, DR Congo and Uganda..

Album Tracklist:

Menik - Contact featuring Zelda Marshal & Emma Lin
Anex - Trial & Error
Mentha - Sunflower
J.Sparrow - Run It Down
Karnage & Mark IV - Solitude featuring Erika Roxin
Trashbat - Eager Beaver
DTR - Bludclot
Tosti - Grow
Morrison - Uptown
Vaun - Ruling Out The Impossible
VoloDM - Alpharius
Rozi - Don't Forget It
Love The Cook - This One
Dillard - Waiting
Jeph1 - Cloudwalk
Duckem & Andromeda S. - Awake

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